Post image for JUST DANCE 2015 – E3

JUST DANCE 2015 – E3

Just Dance is back and this time they ain’t foolin around! They have a mobile app which let’s you use your phone as a controller, and now you can upload a video of yourself dancing, and they’ll play it for other people in the world to follow!
The crazy 2 day shoot used 11 sets on a stage, and we had to synchronize all the changing choreography from set to set in order to create our complicated and unified dance grid world.

Produced at Buster.

Client: Ubisoft
Director: Joel Lava
Co-Creative Directors: Jonas Morganstein, Amanda Hanig
DP: Matt Egan
Art Director: Tally Duke Floyd
Choreography Assistance: Erica Duff
Editor: Ed Borneman