It started out as a simple endtag animation of a tongue licking lips into the DQ logo.  From there, it became a 5 year campaign of DQ’s famed talking lips!  Next came 5 second monologues, then 30 seconds, then elaborate storylines, and finally a live action appearance.

Despite the long run, the lips were always just called “Lips”, though they were occasionally called “Oliver” because Oliver Vaquer did the great VO.  It was always great fun collaborating with the team at Grey Worldwide, and the lips style and panache were mastered by animator Ian Townsend, who has since moved on to other body parts and visuals with The Ant Farm.

Other animation talent was handled by Leigh Rens and Jun Zee Myers. Created while Creative Director at The Famous Group.

Agency: Grey Worldwide
CD: Steve Krause
Producer: Seth Gorenstein
Art Director: Doug Fallon
VO: Oliver Vaquer

Director: Joel Lava (“Game Night” live action, CG on the rest)
Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
Producer: Nate Occhipinti
Character Animation: Ian Townsend, Jun Zee Myers, Leigh Rens
3D Generalist: Steve Han
Art Directors: Jesse Austin, Hemu Karadkar
2D Composite: Chea Gray, Chris Chernoff
Addl VFX: Rooster
Cinematographer: Connor O’Brien
Line Producer: Stan Sawicki
Editor: Parker Wilson