These 3 spots were created in-house, from concepting to composite. We worked in close collaboration with Walton Isaacson — developing the storylines, looks, and styles. Editorial was important for animatics and final finesse, and rendering was done both in and out of house.

Completed as Creative Director at The Famous Group. Scroll to very bottom for full credits list.

Here’s some of the amazing concept art (I didn’t draw it, I just love it)

Executive Creative Director: Greg Harvey
Creative Director: Joel Lava
Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
Senior Producer: Michael Steinmann

Art Directors:
Jesse Austin
Hemu Karadkar
Mark Branton

Post Producers:
William Hyde
Alana Blasingame
Les Jones

Post Coordinators:
Tita Poe
Danielle Kelly
Scott Rothstein

Live Action Producers
Dawn Hoffman
Stanley Sawicki

Editors: Joel Marcus, Josh Sneider

Texturing & Lighting: Giant Steps, Dan Abrams

3D Artists:
Dony Permedi
Mark Villagracia
Steve Han
Lawrence Pasion
Matt Foley
Niles Ondoy
John Ployhar
Jamie Sawyer
Julian Fitzpatrick
Robert Burton
Suzan Kim
Joseph Langmuir
Joseph Civitate
Corey Dimond
Conor Scully
Jason Taylor
Roger Huynh
Erik Fernando
James Lane
Jeff Dietrich
Dan Qureshi
Jen Sata
Daniel Edery
Sean Kim
Yas Koyama
Keith Yakouboff
Herman Kim

Thomas Horne
Ramzi Hogan
Scott Ulrich
Rodrigo Teixeira
Harumi Shibano
Fernando Zorilla

Storyboard/Concept Artists:
Ivan Pavlovits
Chad Glass
James Chung
Mike Jasorka
Rustam Hasanov
Gray Rogers
Gian Marayag
Albert NG
James Levy
Edmund Liang
Zach Christian

Production Assistant: Kelly Keleman